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Party of Wales MEP fears damage to consumer confidence over meat inspections

Party of Wales MEP Jill Evans has reiterated her concerns about changes to the inspection of pig meat.[...]

Welsh Government ‘lacks a long-term vision’ and plan for education

Plaid Cymru Shadow Education Minister Simon Thomas has called for the Welsh Government to end the blame game and put forward a long term vision for education in Wales after another international report found failings in the education system.[...]

Language opportunities to open doors

Plaid Cymru unveils plans to normalise multilingualism[...]

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04 Apr 2014
From Westminster - Hywel Williams MP

The European elections are getting closer. And politicians are dusting off their leaflets and dreaming up new arguments.[...]

03 Apr 2014
Mentrau Iaith mantra

By Simon Thomas AM  The last census figures proved that there is an urgent need and place for the Welsh Government to [...]

26 Mar 2014
Plaid Cymru is working hard for workers

I recently delivered a speech in the Senedd about the urgent need in our society today for strong trade unions, and [...]

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