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The Party of Wales promises to put Wales First. Are you with us?

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Plaid Cymru anger over Welsh Government ‘dupe’

The Party of Wales has accused the Welsh Government of ‘duping’ the Assembly over its intention to legislate on the smacking ban.[...]

Plaid Cymru calls for a “whole of Wales” approach to the M4

Party of Wales proposes cheaper, quicker, better option[...]

Plaid Cymru warns of “hand-to-mouth” decisions

Austerity budget “devastating” for public services[...]

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27 Sep 2014
Why I’ve joined Plaid Cymru

   By Harriet Protheroe-Davis Why have I joined Plaid Cymru?[...]

23 Sep 2014
Why I am returning to the fray!

by Dafydd Wigley - Plaid Cymru Westminster Election Co-ordinator The last time I played a leading role in a Plaid [...]

17 Sep 2014
A Message to Scotland from Alun Ffred Jones AM

Dear Scotland Just a note to encourage you to vote yes for independence.[...]

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