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Mae Plaid Cymru yn addo rhoi Cymru'n Gyntaf. Ydych chi gyda ni?

The Party of Wales promises to put Wales First. Are you with us?

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Plaid Cymru proposes a Living Wage for all

Party of Wales plans to raise the wages of more than 250,000 workers[...]

First Minister can’t duck Barnett questions

Plaid Cymru leader fights for fair deal, as Labour sidelines Wales[...]

A Yes vote in Scotland is a win-win for Wales

Elin Jones: “Every move of the No campaign has a £300m price tag for Wales”[...]

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17 Sep 2014
A Message to Scotland from Alun Ffred Jones AM

Dear Scotland Just a note to encourage you to vote yes for independence.[...]

12 Sep 2014
A Win-Win Yes Vote: A win for Scotland and a Win for Wales

By Elin Jones AM I've just spent a few days supporting the Yes campaign in and around Glasgow.[...]

10 Sep 2014
Wales must learn lessons from the debate in Scotland

By Jill Evans MEP In a little over a week we will know whether the people of Scotland have decided to become an [...]

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